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How Can I Finance My Wheelchair or Mobility Scooter?

Living with a disability often means facing challenges that other people don’t have to. That’s why we believe anybody with these struggles, should not have to face a financial strain for something out of their control. Below is a list designed to help explore other financial options that can be taken, with a separate section for children.

Who can help me fund my Wheelchair or Mobility Scooter?
There are various sources of help designed to take the pressure from financing a wheelchair off an individual. The British government have a range of benefits that provide grants or monthly support payments in order to financially assist. Many charities are there to help, often providing grants for any disability equipment including mobility scooters, holidays, family support and much more. Other possible solutions can be to fundraise within your community, you may well be surprised by the amount of support you can find.

What Government Schemes are Available?
The British government have a variety of different grants and benefits available for wheelchair users, designed to help with any additional costs encountered.
Personal Wheelchair Budget Scheme- This is taking over from the voucher scheme, although please be aware that due to an over resourced NHS most mobility agents won’t accept the vouchers, as the payment is not often followed through.
⦁ Motability Allowance- If you are unable or virtually unable to walk these extra payments will form into part of the Disability Living Allowance, once on the scheme you can use these payments for a wheelchair or a mobility scooter, possibly even a car.
⦁ Industrial Injuries Benefit- If you are injured at work and were not self-employed then you will qualify for these payments and wont impact any other benefits or income you may receive.
⦁ Disability Element of Working Tax- If you are disabled and working then you are entitled to this element of working tax credit provided you are completing 16 hours or more a week.
⦁ Access to Work Programme- You must contact your regional access to work office or your Disability employment advisor, they can provide grants for disability equipment in the workplace, fares for getting to work, providing practical help at work and much more.

Which Charities Can Provide Grants for my Wheelchair?
There are many charities dedicated to helping wheelchair users get the most out of their lives and some offer far more than just disability equipment, helping improve many lives across the UK.

the Headley Trust

  • A family charity run by Sainsburys provides up to £2,000 per adult to cover disability equipment costs.


  • If you suffer from Multiple Sclerosis then this charity will seek grants to support you from other charities. They are well known for investing £218 million since 1956 into ground breaking research for Multiple Sclerosis.


  • This charity is specifically aimed to help the over 65s maintain their independence and quality of life in their own homes, also providing direct financial assistance to the elderly.



  • Previously known as The ACT Foundation, they provide for all ages covering a vast majority of different needs, from wheelchairs and mobility scooters to housing and respite breaks.


  • This fund is designed to financially help people suffering with Muscular Dystrophy or related neuromuscular conditions. They provide specialist equipment, electric beds and adapted computers.

How Do I Know If I Qualify for a Grant?
With the amount of different government schemes and charities helping a variety of disabilities, it can be tricky knowing which ones you qualify for. To speed this up please check the following grant tool checkers:

⦁ Turn2Us is a free benefit and charity grant checker tool can help find out which grants are specified to your needs, and most likely will be accepted too.

⦁ Disability Grants Website searches by category for instance if you need help with disability equipment you would search under that specific section.

⦁ Disability Scope UK offer a grant searching tool to help you find a specified charity to support you and can also check on a separate calculator for any state benefits you may qualify for.


How Else Can I Finance My Wheelchair/Mobility Scooter?
One of the best ways to finance your wheelchair or mobility scooter can be through fundraising. It is a great idea and you will be pleasantly surprised with how many members of the community actually want to help. Social media have great ways of making your personal story go viral, as long as you are prepared to put your personal story out there to be widely shared. Creating a public or community event for example a bake sale, fun run, pledge challenge or whatever else may bring an interest to your cause. If you decide to crowdfund online there are many helpful websites available such as, Go Fund Me, Charity Choice, or Just Giving, it is always great to share as much detail into your story to enable other readers to understand, share and support your cause.


How Can I Fund My Child’s Wheelchair?
Seeing a child adjust to life with a disability can be heart breaking, this is why there are many charities that go above and beyond providing, disability equipment, days out and arranging that well needed holiday you most definitely deserve! The government also offer Disability Grants to children but you must contact your local authority for information, and the parent’s income is not factored into any decision.


Which Charities Fund Children’s Wheelchairs?

Many UK charities dedicate a lot of time and effort into providing child wheelchair users with the quality of life they deserve. Below are a group of charities that can help give you the support you rightfully deserve.


  • The Elifar Society help fund children and young adults with severe learning disability and associated physical disability. They provide specialist equipment and holidays.



  • Cerebra provides research, high-quality health, legal, financial and social care for children with brain or other related conditions.



  • Variety is one of the more well-known charities who really strive in helping children with disabilities and provide Sunshine Coaches for attending special needs schools, wheelchair and specialist equipment grants and days out through their Great Days Out Programme.


  • The Caudwell Children’s Trust give access to services, equipment, therapies and treatments for disabled children. They also own the UKs first independent centre for multidisciplinary autism support, diagnosis and research.


  • Newlife are the only charity in the UK that offer fast track equipment services in the UK for disabled or terminally ill children. The charity Care Services team provide supportive care through a national helpline offering information to families and professionnals.


family fund

  • Family Fund is the UKs largest charity helping disabled and seriously ill children. They offer disability equipment, family breaks and sensory toys, along with clothing, washing machines, home furnishings, computers and much more.


What Happens After I Apply for my Wheelchair Grant?
Generally there will be some form of assessment, whether that is a report provided by the professionals that work with you, or face to face assessments to better understand your needs, sometimes an in depth financial report may also be needed. There are different timescales for each charity and government schemes. Please make sure you read all terms and conditions before accepting any grant.

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