"The 1" Folding Electric Wheelchair from Better Products For Disabled

"The 1" Folding Electric Wheelchair from Better Products For Disabled (BP4D). 

Interest Free Finance and Free Insurance is available..

“The 1” Folding Electric Wheelchair will transform and restore  your experience of  daily life, saving walking through long distances;taking a walk around the local park; going on holiday;shopping around a supermarket, going to work place, school, university, buses, trains and planes . You can get around freely .

“The 1” is stylish, sturdy, compact, lightweight, manageable,built in quality,lightweight, maneuverable, easily collapsible and small enough to go on planes etc.

“The 1” is easy to fold. “The 1”is so easy to erect and unfold as well. You can freewheel it when you need.“The 1” fits into the boot of most of the cars and is not too heavy to lift in and out.“The 1” is much more maneuverable, easily manageable on any terrain. 

“The 1” will give you  more control over where you go and free up your companion from pushing you.  You can get to places with your partner or friends where you couldn’t go before. “The 1” will allow you to walk with a companion, to fit in anybody's car with ease, and to enjoy your day.

 “The 1” will give you back some independence and get you out and about again.You can do your own thing again. it will give you back your social life. You won’t become housebound again. You can now go shopping whenever you like. You have freedom to decide without depending any other's schedule! 



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