The Coronavirus outbreak continues to affect our communities and daily life here in the UK. The health and wellbeing of our staff and our customers is our  priority, so we follow the latest rules.

Year 2020 has been very tough for most of us and our loved ones. We have separated from our loved ones when they need us the most during the lockdown. Many of us has had to struggle with our health and mobility requirements during lockdowns. The care and assistance have never been such a priority.

We have learnt how important being a part of this community and serving who needed the most to keep them fight against the hard circumstances we are in and helping each other in the most needed times.

Please be assured  we will keep trying our best to keep you and our staff safe with social distancing guidelines in 2021 and we believe BP4D will provide you with the shopping experience online with confidence.

We will be following the latest rules.

If you have an appointment with us  and showing the symptoms or self isolating please call us 07793604463 and cancel your appointment.