Q: What is your lightest mobility scooter?

A: It is Xtralite which is only 17.5 kg

Q: I am over 28 stone which scooter would you recommend?

A: We would recommend Spartan which can carry upto 32 stone.

Q: How much is weekly payment plan?

A:  It depends on how much you would like to borrow as a loan and how much you can pay as a deposit. But you can see or arrange all these easily.

finance @BP4D


 finance @ BP4D

Q: How can I finance my chair or scooter?

A: Go to the products page which you would like to buy. The add it in cart then at the checkout when it is asked how you would like to pay choose "Buy in Installments" option and you will be directed to the finance company's website to complete your application. See the video if you would like ...



Q: Are your folding motor electric wheelchairs available anywhere else in the UK?

A: You can purchase the 06J and 10J only from our online shop. These wheelchairs are unique and not available anywhere else in the world. We are a British company based in Blackpool, Lancashire. Our chairs are available in a range of attractive and distinctive colours, each colour listed as a different product in our shop, making colour selection easy.

You can also buy T8, T11 or T12 from our online shop.

Q:  Are your chairs available with attendant or carer control?

A:  Yes we do have them with attendant control. Just add a note when you purchase what option you require  - left control, attendant control etc.

Q:  If I place a wrong order or for any other reason, how can I speak to you?

A: At the bottom of the home page, we have put our contact addresses via Facebook, Twitter...you can send us a message via floating 'message us' button on each page.

Q: I live in the UK can I have a demo?

A: Yes of course, just contact us for a demo and we put you on a schedule, where we can visit your home and let you see how our chairs are the best available first hand.

Q: Can I have a demo in the States?

A: No not right now. But we are talking to an agent in Washington DC. Watch this space...

Q: Can I try it in Canada?

A: Sorry no, we don't have an agent in Canada yet.

Q: What weight do they carry?

A: The 6 J carries max150 kg (about 23 stones, 8 pounds) and 10J carries 180 kg (about 28 stones, 5 pounds)

Q: How long does the battery last?

A: Minimum 15 miles depending terrain. The usual range is around 23 miles.

Q: Does the chair come with a warranty?

A: 12 months warranty from the manufacturer, unless otherwise stated.

Q: When does the warranty start?

A: As soon as your chair has been delivered to you.

Q: How long does it take for delivery after I place my order?

A: Your chair will be handbuilt and dispatched within 3 days usually taking 12 working days to arrive to your doorstep worldwide.

Q: Do I pay for the delivery?

A: All prices include the free delivery, shipment and customs worldwide. No extra fees.

Q: What does the price include?

A: The price includes the chair which comes with a cushion, underneath bag, battery (2 fitted batteries for 10J and 1 fitted battery for 06J), hand control and charger.

The price also includes free shipment and delivery to your doorstep.

Q: What accessories can I get for my chair?

A: We have an accessories section on our website where you can buy additional or replacement part for any chair purchased from us. These include:  electric charger, hand control, carer control, bag for the chair, lights, head rest, walking stick holder, cup holder, spare batteries …etc

Q: How do I charge the batteries?

A: You can find all the details in the manuals on our website. Thee are downloadable free. Click the link in the main menu.

Q: How long do the batteries last?

A: That depends very much on the usage, but usually about 8 hours of average use.

Q: How heavy are the batteries?

A: A battery is 1.5kg. The 06J comes fitted with one battery and 10J comes fitted with two batteries.

Q: Do I need to take out the batteries when I fold or unfold the chair OR while charging?

A: No you don't need to take the batteries out when you fold or unfold OR while charging, although each chair is lighter to lift in and out of a car with the batteries removed. they can be inserted and removed easily.

Q: Where are the batteries?

A: On the sides, contained within the frame of the chair. Please check the link... http://better-products-for-disabled-people.myshopify.com/pages/about-our-products-1

Q: What are the sizes (or dimensions) of cushions?

A: 06J cushion size is 40cm x 40 cm, 10J  cushion size is 41cm x 46 cm.

Q: I am left handed. Can the hand control be on the left side?

A: No problems. the hand controller can easily be fitted to either side.

Q: If you're semi-mobile and decide to walk for a bit, can these chairs be pushed manually or do they have to move with the controls?

A: Yes. You can disengage motors with two littles clicks and then push with ease.

Q: What is the difference between the chairs you list on your site?

A: Our site lists a range of products. Please check the 'useful links' section in the footer of this page to see full specifications for each chair type we sell. If you still have any specific queries, please message us your questions.

Q: When should I place an order? I will go on holiday soon...

A: Our chairs are particularly useful to take on holiday due to their compact folded side and convenient weight. We would advise you place an order at least 6 weeks before your holiday regarding your comfort and confidence with your chair. Once you get used to it, you will be much more confident with the product when taking it on your holiday.

Q: How do we charge the batteries? Do they need to be taken out of the chair?

A:  To charge the batteries while they are fitted in the chair, the charger plugs into a socket on the hand controller. Alternatively, the batteries can be removed and placed on charge individually. This is a particularly useful feature of the 10J model as one battery can be removed and charged whilst the chair is still in use using the second battery.

Q: Do you do finance? Do you do monthly schemes, payments? Financing?

A: We are currently able to offer finance in the UK. Finance options are available on all of our chairs. You can apply https://www.divido.com/ and enquire for help from divido via chat on the bottom of the divido page. Or you can ask our help via our page. The application process will take about 5 minutes and in the following 15-20 minutes you will be answered.

Q: How do I checkout? 

A: It is quite easy. Add the product you would like to buy to your cart and go to the checkout, where you can select your payment option and choose your shipping address. You can pay by credit card, Paypal or direct bank transfer. If you are still having some problems, just message us...

Q: I have bent the pins on the hand control connection. Is it include in the warranty?
A: This is classed as user error. And it is not covered by warranty. You will need to buy a new hand control.
Q: Do the arm rests come up for side transfers?
A: Yes they do

Q:  Can these go on sand and gravel please

A: It is usually performs on gravel/ pea shingle fine , it wouldn't work on sand .

Q:  What is your email address?

A: Our email address is productsfordisabled@gmail.com

Q:  I'm flying to... soon. I'm having some issues with the information the airline company need about the chair.Can you help me please?

A: If you follow the link you will find all the info about your chair. https://better-products-for-disabled-people.myshopify.com/pages/air-travel-requirements

Q:  what are seating width,seating depth,seating height ?

A: 48x43x46 cm

Q:  what is backrest height and arm rest height?

A: Back rest height is 40 cm and arm rest height is 25cm

Q:  Do you have any products for children?

A: We have some customers at age of 7-8. We strongly suggest you inquire for a demonstration. We have wheelchairs as well as some scooters for the kids.

Q:  What are the dimensions?

A: please check the following pages https://betterproductsfordisabled.com/pages/about-our-products-1 and https://betterproductsfordisabled.com/pages/t-series-folding-wheelchairs.Alternatively, you can see these info on product pages easily