We at  BETTER PRODUCTS are fast becoming world leaders supplying "FOLDING ELECTRIC WHEELCHAIRS" worldwide.

We believe "FOLDING ELECTRIC WHEELCHAIRS" are the chairs of the future...

We endeavor to source the very best of folding e-wheelchairs.Working closely with manufacturers,creating adaptions to meet the very best requirements for our customers. We would like to make your life easier and simplier...

 All our chairs are wheelchairs for life... Over the years they are not going to get much lighter,all components are easy fit yourself... And when the chair does need renewing we will have a component renewal kit at a fraction of a cost of a new one!

All our chairs are fully certified for any kind of travel. Please note the J-series fully enclosed. However, the T-series you will have to remove the battery bag and carry it on as hand luggage. Don't worry it unclips in seconds...

All chairs on our website will improve your life for better  and meet most of your expectations.They will give you opportunity to explore your space again.You will gain confidence back in your life and smile more often.

You will have more independence and freedom!

With our boot-chairs you do not need to worry about going in or out, rough or smooth surfaces,going on a holiday, travelling by coach, taxi , plane, train,boat, underground, car,cruise liners... you do not need to worry about any extra fees or cost on any transport.

They are the wheelchairs  of the future! Here are some features of our chairs in common...

They are

  • foldable
  • electric
  • portable
  • convenient
  • travel friendly
  • user friendly
  • boot-chairs
  • lighter than heavy duty classic wheelchairs



Using in different weather conditions

Our chairs are designed for all weathers including snow. However, J-series the batteries are internal and built to withstand any weather...



Like most chairs you have to respect the terrain and of course kerbs... They cope well with canalsides,parks,general pavement,slopes...have a look at the videos...


Purchasing your wheelchair

Simply choose a chair of your choice on our website MENU on PRODUCTS. Follow the steps to check out... 

We accept credit cards,PAYPAL, or direct bank transfer. Please ensure while ordering we have your correct address, telephone number,full name and email address. This can be filled online during purchasing. Please remember to add notes of special requirement such as left hand hand control, widened chair ...etc.

During your purchase remember to check our accessories...



We have recently been granted credit consumer licence and we are currently in negotiations to be able to offer the very best finance deals for our customers.


Delivery of your chair

Your chair will arrive fully assembled. And all you have to do is put the hand control on. Your chair will be half charged and ready to go! We strongly suggest you downloading your chair's manual from our website prior to delivery...Please remember it will take you at least 3 weeks to get used to your chair.



All our new chairs include 12 months warranty. We do offer our extended warranty for 1 year to 3 year period. We will update soon.