Dotty Electric Wheelchair

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Supplied by BP4D, dotty reclining folding electric wheelchair  is the latest version of the wheelchairs. You can easily lift Dotty reclining folding electric wheelchair  without wheel motors which can be detachable or attachable in seconds. 

Dotty reclining folding electric wheelchair  is a travel friendly wheelchair. You can easily fly with it wherever you would like to... Dotty reclining folding electric wheelchair  is plane, cruise, train ,bus , coach and boat friendly. Shortly after your purchase Dotty reclining folding electric wheelchair  will become your best and reliable  friend. 

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  • Dotty reclining folding electric wheelchair
  • Silver in color
  • 150 kg carry capacity
  • Easy folding and Unfolding
  • Detachable-attachable wheels
  • Lightweight, portable, comfortable
  • Anti tip wheels
  • Tilting back rest in 5 angles (100°, 110°,120°,130°,140°)
  • Adjustable arm rest heights
  • Adjustable arm rest angles
  • Adjustable footrest heights
  • Adjustable hand control
  • if needed headrest
  • if needed attendant control
  • if needed longer footrest
  • if needed wider arm rests
  • if needed leg rest
  • Long life 24V10Ah LiFePO4 battery
  • 4mph speed
  • 18 km driving range
  • Available as 8",10" or 12" back wheels

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