Ex-demo Black F19

Ex-demo black F19 is in perfect working condition but with a few scratches... it still has 12 months' manufacturer warranty on it. Online sale only! Subject to availability.... Terms and conditions apply!

F19 folding electric wheelchair is a very lightweight, quickly foldable to 0.13 m3 volume...In black or silver color. This chair comes with 1X battery only  however, maximum 3 sets of lithium batteries available.

Please note that actual product colours may vary from colours shown in the pictures. The pictures below belong to a brand new product...

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Max load capacity: 200 kg (31.5 stone)

Net weight: 29 kg (31.5 kg with battery)

Total length: 100 cm

Total width: 62 cm

Total height: 89 cm

Seat depth: 40 cm

Seat width: 46 cm

Seat height: 46cm

Speed: <6km/hr

Max speed: 7.2 km/h

Charging time: 3-5 hr

Front wheel: 8"

Rear wheel: 12"

Mileage: about 17km

Km of endurance: >20

Motor power(V/W): 24/250X2

Charger(V/2A) 24

Battery charging time: 3-5hr

Max Gradeability: 14 degrees

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