The Spartan is a great scooter for the larger person with a weight capacity of up to 32 stone. It provides great comfort or performance. Spartan offers a level of comfort that you will find a real pleasure.

A large padded suspension seat and extra leg room will provide you with excellent ride quality while still keeping the amazing manoeuvrability and portability expected from the SupaScoota range.

 Our prices doesn't include VAT. 

Wheel size (front) 200 x 65mm
Clearance 45mm
Turning Radius 98cm
Motor output 2 x 180 Watt
Transmission Worm drive gearbox
Reverse Forward/reverse switch
Brakes Dynamic baking and electromagnetic brake
Battery (Lithium) 24V - 15ah (4kg / 9lbs)
Battery (SLA) 2 x 12v - 14ah (9kb / 20lbs)
Charger (Lithium battery) Off boar 24 volt 4 amp
Charger (SLA battery) Off board 24 volt 2 amp
Speed 2.4mph or 4mph
Wheel size (back) 260 x 85mm
Weight (without battery) 36.4 kg (81lbs)
Weight (without seat & battery) 26.15kg (56.6lbs)
Weight (max user) 200kg (32 stone)
Slope / Grade ability 6 degrees (max. recommended)
Range Up to 10km (6.2 miles) with standard SLA, or up to 12.8km (8 miles) with lithium battery; with extra battery 20km (12.4 miles)
Distance between armrests 45cm - 57cm (18-22.4 inches)




Frame: 25.4 kg

Transaxle: 11.6 kg

Tiller and Base: 13.8 kg

Seat (folding or standing): 11 kg

Total Weight of the 3 components: 36.4 kg

Overall weight with battery

Overall weight with SLA battery:45 kg

Overall weight with Lithium battery: 40.4 kg

Overall weight with flight friendly Lithium battery: 40.4 kg