Supalite Scooter

Supplied by BP4D, the SupaLite weighs 20.4 kg (45lbs) including battery and seat. Its 260W motor will give you more power than the MicroLite to tackle different terrain and the longer chassis provides extra comfort for the taller person.Comes in metallic burgundy color only.

This scooter would also be comfortable for the taller person as it has a wheelbase of 97 cm (34.5”). It will give you a travel distance of up to 8 miles (13 km) and has a speed reduction system which slows the scooter when turning a corner.

Lightweight.portable mobility scooter.

Please note that actual product colours may vary from colours shown in the pictures.

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Color Metallic Burgundy 
Material Aluminium 
Front wheel size 200 x 65mm (8” x 2.5”) 
Rear wheel size 200 x 65mm (8” x 2.5”) 
Ground Clearance (Tiller) 65mm (2.6”) 
Length 970mm (38.2”) Width 570mm (22.5”) 
Complete weight 20.4kgs (45lbs including battery & Seat) 
Weight without seat 13.6kgs (29.9lbs) 
Weight of seat 5kgs (11lbs including seat frame) 
Max Loading 120kgs (264lbs) 
Turn Radius 860mm (33.9”)
Motor Output 260W 
Transmission Worm drive differential gearbox 
Reverse Forward/Reverse Switch 
Brakes Dynamic braking & Electromagnetic brake 
Battery (Lithium) 24V11.6ah - 1.8kg (4lbs) 
Charger (Lithium battery) Off board 24 volt 2 amp - 0.5kg (1.1lbs) 
Max Speed 6.5kph (4 mph) / 2nd speed choice - 3.8 kph 2.4 mph) 
Slope grade ability Max. recommended - 8 degrees 
Travel Distance Up to 9.7km (6 miles) 
Speed Reduction System Reduces operating speed to a safe level when turning  
Please note: The scooter performance is dependent on user weight, terrain/surface to be driven on